Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 types of report, which are...

  1. Regular report without co-branding,
  2. Regular report with front co-branding,
  3. Regular report with back co-branding,
  4. Regular report with both front & back co-branding.
  5. Regular report with third party back advertisement/co-branding.
Yes, we have a special price for customers who bring large quantities. Also you can take advantage of membership benefits offered by us.
Graders at an independent lab evaluate an individual diamond separately, and then reach consent to make sure the grade they assign is accurate, consistent and reliable.

You can consider a diamond certificate issued by an independent gemmological laboratory reliable because:

  • These laboratories don’t sell diamonds and have no connection to diamond mines, dealers or retailers, so they have no conferred interest in the grade they give a diamond.
  • These labs depend on repeat business so they have to maintain a reputation for accuracy and integrity.
  • They use diamond graders and gemmologists who undergo intensive training and have passed tests assessing their ability to correctly grade diamonds.
  • The grade is based on a scientific reading of the diamond’s characteristics using specialized equipment designed just for grading diamonds.
  • Several graders evaluate an individual diamond separately. Because no two diamonds are exactly alike, the graders reach a consensus to make sure the grade they assign is accurate, consistent and reliable.
  • Each diamond certificate is marked with a unique number that matches the exact diamond it describes.
  • Some grading labs offer optional services, including microscopically inscribing the diamond certificate number on the edge (or “girdle”) of the diamond as a security feature.

You already know about the 4Cs...

  1. Cut,
  2. Color,
  3. Clarity and
  4. Carat – But dive deeper into the diamond-buying process and you’ll find another
  5. C: certification. This may be the most important C because it will give peace of mind that the other Cs are, in fact, what they are said to be.
Diamond jewellery is an emotionally significant purchase on top of a financial milestone. You should consider the importance of documentation when you’re buying a piece of diamond jewellery.